Friends and Hiking


Looking for awesome junior scholars? Let me shamelessly promote some of my wonderful colleagues and friends:

Bran Papineau (sociolinguistics, language and gender, psycholinguistics)
Nina Markl (algorithmic bias, language variation, speech technology)
Elizabeth Pankratz (corpus linguistics, morphology, language evolution)


One of my favourite things to do is to go hiking and wild-camping with my family and my friends. My parents started taking me on hiking trips when I was four years old. They managed to cement in me a love of nature, mountains, swimming in freezing lakes and carrying everything you need to survive in a backpack. Coming from Sweden, where Allemansrätten means we can walk and camp pretty much everywhere, I am very happy that the Right to Roam exists here in Scotland. In Sweden, my family and I have hiked in the areas of Trysil, Grövelsjön, Padjelanta, Vålådalen, Storulvån and around Funäsfjällen. In Scotland, my friends and I have hiked along the Three Loch Way and Rob Roy Way. I tend to be responsible for food on these trips, I love planning how to pack and store food efficiently, and my parents were always good at showing my sister and I that you could eat very well in the middle of nowehere. I'm quite keen to try staying in a bothy during one of my next hiking trips.